Picking your apples

If you want the best juice like we do, there are a few steps you can take to get the best from your apples.

  1. Picked apples are better than windfalls, they have never touched the floor and have not been bruised.
  2. Windfalls may need washing if dirty and any bruised or gouged apples should be discarded if they are not going to be pressed immediately as they can begin to rot.
  3. Apples are best stored in hessian sacks (available from us for £1 deposit per sack), paper feed sacks or strong carboard boxes (preferably stackable).
  4. Apples stored in plastic can sweat and rot very quickly, particularly in hot, damp weather
  5. Apples which remain on the tree for longer generally produce sweeter juice.
  6. If you cannot find suitable containers, you are welcome to transfer your apples into our hessian sacks when you drop them off but we do get very busy so it is best if you can pick straight into a suitable container.  This is also better for the apples as there is less handling.

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