All the new apple trees in the Lundy Green orchard have been pruned, I just need to get the mypex up and do some brushcutting and I gan get some photos up.

I have also begun a three-year pruning job to tackle an overgrown Bramley in Tasburgh which is one of the largest and oldest I have seen. Regenerative pruning on such an old tree needs to be taken slowly to avoid “water shoots” – an attempt by the tree to rapidly redress an imbalance between roots and shoots caused by heavy pruning, these shoots grow straight upwards and do not produce flowers or fruit. By making no more than 25% of the pruning cuts needed in one season, it is possible to minimise this reaction from the tree.

Maybe next winter I’l get time to prune the two Bramleys in my own garden which always get neglected and left until it’s too late!



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