Look at these little scrumpers!

Check out these little fellas, scrumping beneath the Bramley trees at Scrumpers HQ.  I think there is a litter of 4-5 hoglets (or urchins) and their mum.  We kept the grass long this summer for the wildlife.  I think they were born in the garden soemwhere as I saw them several days in a row when they first emerged.  I’ll leave a few fallen apples so they can eat the slugs off them at night!


Beautiful snow here at Scrumpers HQ. Getting some good cold units in for the orchards which may bode well for a good crop this year!

November offer!

Bring 4 sacks of apples to us to be pressed for apple juice in November and you will be entered into a draw to win a hamper of local hand-made foods.  The winner will be announced on the 1st of December. Get scrumping!

Pumps Pumps Pumps

We have installed 5 new pumps to boost hot water pressure to the pasteuriser to 2 bar which will reduce the time the juice is heated, improve fuel and time efficiency and, best of all, improve the flavour of your juice!

Big tent

The Scrumpers team have been busy clearing space and erecting a large garage tent to provide extra space for storing pallets of bottles, juice and apples for the season.

We still have to build animal and weather proof pallet crates for which the timber has just arrived. This will streamline the drop off and pickup of apples and juice, respectively, and allow self-service drop off of apples.