We don’t have the time to pick your apples for you at present although we could arrange something if you have a very large orchard.

We ask you to gather your clean and unblemished apples in paper feed sacks, hessian sacks or cardboard boxes, never plastic as the apples sweat and spoil.  We can provide hessian sacks for a £1 per sack deposit or you can keep them to reuse every year.


We press apples brought to us by many small and large customers, for pasteurised juice and for cider.  We even press our own apples to make juice under the “Norfolk Scrumpers” brand which we sell locally to keep those food miles low.

If Cider is your thing, we can press into your own sterile containers so you can take the juice away and ferment your own scrumpy.


We can pasteurise the juice using our unique wood-fired in-line pasteuriser which we fuel with sustainable fire wood scrumped from fallen trees, apple tree pruning, and from local reclaimation yards.  This gives the juice a 2 year shelf life.


We can bottle into 750ml Bordeaux style glass bottles or into 250ml glass bottles which are ideal single portion servings for use in B&Bs, holiday cottages, bars and restaurants or for taking on picnics.  All our bottles are closed using tamper-evident screwtops.  For larger customers, we can offer a choice of bottle colour and cap colour.


We can even provide you with custom labels featuring the name of your house, B&B, restaurant, farm, farm shop, bar etc so you have your own-brand apple juice for gifts for your friends and family or to sell or serve to your customers and guests.  Prices start from 9p per label.   We laser print directly onto a variety of bottle labels in different finishes, colours, shapes and sizes in black and white or colour.


We box the 750ml bottles into strong cardboard boxes of six and the 250ml bottles into boxes of 24.  Of course, we encourage our customers to reuse these boxes if they have space to keep them clean and dry for the following year’s pressing.