6 x 750ml bottles of Norfolk Scrumpers apple juice in a cardboard box – £15

1 x 750ml bottle of Norfolk Scrumpers apple juice – £3

24 x 250ml bottles of Norfolk Scrumpers apple juice – £30

1 x 250ml bottle of Norfolk Scrumpers apple juice – £1.50


Discounts are available for wholesale, please contact us for details.


£1.50 per 750ml bottle of juice produced including pressing, pasterurising and boxing.

£1 per litre for cider pressing, please provide your own sterile containers for the juice to go into.

We can also juice pears in a mix with apples at a maximum of 25% of the total mix although it should be noted that these are the devil’s own fruit and their pulp can make life a little harder for us by blocking up the cheesecloths so we press these at the end of the day.

There is no maximum limit for the quantity of apples we can press.  We require a minimum of 220lb (100kg) which is around 4 full sacks for a single press, however, please get in touch if this is a struggle and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Label design service at £45 per basic design (upto 1 hour) plus £20 per hour thereafter for more complicated designs.  Once your label is designed it can be held on file and re-used every year.

From 20p per large colour label (stick-your-own).

Other options available please contact us for further details.